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When you stare at a particular color for too long, these receptors get "tired" or "fatued." When you then look a different background, the receptors that are tired do not work as well. You mht see that the top one is smaller, but they are the same size. This inverted "T" has two lines...they the same length? I copied one line and pasted it on the bottom of the first line. It probably looks like arc C is part of the largest circle.

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Therefore, the information from all of the different color receptors is not in balance. Hmmm..the center circle on the rht the same size as the center circle on the left? The top one looks smaller because the shorter arc of the top fure is next to the large arc of the bottom fure. However, all the arcs are actually from the SAME circle.

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For many people it appears that the circle that is surrounded by the small circles is larger that the circle that is surrounded by the larger circles. I copied and pasted the same exact circle into the middles!! Look at the same fure again - however, this time I have blocked the rht and left sides of the larger two arcs. For Grades 3-12 How good are you at seeing different colors? Put equal amounts of water into 5 to 10 different containers (paper cups, drinking glasses, yogurt containers all work well).

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Then put one drop of FOOD COLORING into one of the containers of water.

Left brain right brain dating:

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